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set of handwoven blue and cream African storage baskets

Zambaru Handwoven Basket Set

$ 105.00 $ 210.00

This set of 5 baskets was handwoven by artisans in Eastern Africa. The baskets are each a work of art and made completely by hand using nature-sourced dyes. Perfect as storage bins, pot holders for plants or keeping just about any space tidy they make for a beautiful and meaningful addition to a home.

  • This set comes with a x-small, small, medium, large and x-large basket which are able to be stacked and stored within one another.

In partnership with The Basket Room, the talented weavers gain access to market which provides them with a sustainable livelihood and the recognition they deserve. Many of the weavers rely on subsistence farming but when crops fail during dry periods, they turn to the art of weaving as an essential alternative income.


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