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colorful Moroccan killim rug with stripes and diamond design

Altitude Rug

$ 200.00 $ 425.00

A one of a kind handwoven rug made high in the hills of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains by a Berber artisan, this striped and diamond accented rug is made in the classic kilim style. With its vibrant colors and interesting pattern, the rug is sure to add a point of interest to any room. This rug actually adorned the home of the weaver himself, a true vintage find.

  • 5.5' x 10.5'

You'll notice that one edge of the rug is left to be in a raw state and this is on purpose. There was a superstition that began long, long ago (around 622 AD) that if the rugs edges were not burned or frayed slightly that evil spirits would be attracted to the carpets. Many master weavers still burn or fray the edges slightly to prevent the bad spirits from being envious of the rug's beauty while others simply do this for the traditional significance.

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