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Shopping for a Cause with Global Goods Partners

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It has come as no surprise that many of our most popular products have been made in partnership with Global Goods Partners. From their beautiful handmade jewelry to their one-of-a-kind home items and children's toys, their items are truly special and unique. Not only is the merchandise offered by Global Goods Partners beautiful, your purchase of their pieces makes an impact in the lives of the talented artisans who design and produce the stunning goods as well as their families.
Global Goods Partners was founded by Catherine Lieber Simony and Joan Shifrin in 2005. As professionals in the international development field, they traveled to impoverished areas around the globe to support community-based economic initiatives. Time and time again, they met dynamic women who were producing beautiful, handmade goods, yet lacked access to sustainable markets in which to sell their products. Catherine and Joan saw first-hand how women in marginalized communities throughout Asia, Africa, and the Americas were able to advance their families’ well-being only after their income was stabilized. The two friends were inspired to found Global Goods Partners to create effective income-generation opportunities for women and their communities through access to the consumer market for handmade, fair trade products.

Offering a curated collection of fair trade products handmade by women artisans in more than 20 countries, Global Goods Partners is a treasure trove of travel-inspired goods. As a Fair Trade Federation member, the company supports sustainable community development by ensuring that the artisans making their products are paid fair living wages. By choosing to purchase from their community of artisans you’re helping to eradicate global poverty and promote social justice.
Working with more than 40 partners that collectively employ over 3,000 women in 20 countries across the globe, Global Goods Partners is trying to do their part and raise the bar. In the face of great challenges, women are coming together to support each other and their families by forming community-based organizations that collectively offer support and services ranging from healthcare, education for children, literacy programs for adults, sustainable agriculture practices, and human rights training, among other programs. Funded with proceeds from fair trade product sales, foundation support, and individual donations, Global Goods Partners provides product development, operational expertise, capacity-building grants, and technical assistance.

The company also offers individuals, schools, organizations, and companies in the United States multiple ways to get involved. Learn about their fundraising ,advocacy and grants programs which allow customers to learn about global poverty issues, promote social justice and fair trade, and improve communities in need around the world. 


Shop Global Goods Partners throughout the Swoon For shop. Simply use the search option in the top right of the home page and enter Global Goods Partners to see all of their available merchandise. We've sold out of quite a few of their items so get yours while you still can!


*Artisan photos courtesy of Global Goods Partners

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