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It’s in the Bag

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I never check a bag when I travel, ever. I’ve lost some of my favorite items of clothing and jewelry, never to be seen again, due to lost luggage. Even my honeymoon wasn’t off-limits to baggage mishandling and I spent the second week of our getaway trying to track down where on Earth my bag was…and it happened to be left sitting on the tarmac next to the plane the entire time. I learned my lesson. Not only do I not want to risk losing my goods again, it is always so much quicker to get through the airport, board and exit the plane as well as the airport. No need to stand at carousels endlessly waiting. I owe many of my compact packing skills to my days packing the fashion trunks as an assistant on shoots. It’s amazing what I can fit in a carry-on. It’s all in the camp roll which also helps avoid wrinkles. Keep all jewelry you’re traveling with in your purse. That was another lesson learned the hard way. (photo source)

There has been a recent influx of ultra fun roll-aboards to aid in keeping your apparel as close as possible on your flight. Here is just a sampling of some new pieces that will have you loving your luggage.

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1. Ted Baker London 2. Kate Spade 3. Kate Spade 4. Correspondent Luggage 5. Ralph Lauren

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