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It’s the Little Things: Little Barn Apothecary

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Little Barn Apothecary began in 2012 and recently launched in January of this year, started by two friends with a passion for all things natural, organic and holistic. Everything in the line is produced in small batches- grown by hand, harvested by hand and made by hand. Adhering to the mantra of “Simply Simple”, the brand uses a minimal design aesthetic with their packaging (glass canisters, vintage style droppers) filled with luxurious yet simple ingredients.

Three of my favorite items from the line which I recently tried are the Herbal Hand Wash, Rose Cedarwood and Lime Simply Body Scrub and the Simple Toning Water. My favorite quality of the products is how amazing they smell. The scrub and toning water are speckled with hand ground rose petals…which now has me wanting ground rose petals to be added to just about everything I use. The hand wash  smells like an English herb garden. It reminds me of what the Barefoot Contessa’s kitchen might smell like, beautiful and clean. Although the ingredients truly are simply simple, they leave the skin feeling pampered. I’m looking forward to finding more products from Little Barn Apothecary to add to my daily regimen for both beauty and home and highly suggest checking out their site for yourself.

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