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Sun Kissed

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Now that I’m no longer the young lass that I once was my skincare regimen has become something I pay much more attention to. One of the most basic changes that I’ve made is wearing sunscreen, spf 30, daily on my face. When I’m at the beach, pool or out on the boat I’m also sure to slather on minimum of spf 15 wherever else the sun might hit my skin. (photo source)

On a recent trip I discovered a new sunblock that I’m hooked on for my face. The brand is COOLA. It’s an organic sun care line sold online and at various spas. I use the cucumber matte finish for face. It smells amazing and once it is absorbed into the skin after a few minutes it leaves no residue and really does give a matte finish just as the name suggests (where as many other face sunblocks, in my experience, can still be oily and pore clogging). It’s not cheap, but sunscreen isn’t really something that should be skimped on in the first place. A 50 ml tube of the mineral face sunscreen will run you $32, but this stuff really is the jam. Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 3.24.23 PM I also used their body spray sunscreen because it was the only one available when I was in need. I thought that was a wonderful product as well, but no better than Sun Bum which is my go-to for the bod. Plus, Sun Bum has that amazing coconut smell that is usually in tanning oil and evokes the happiest thoughts of the beach. And although cheaper usually doesn’t mean better, in this case I’m sticking with Sun Bum which is about half the price as the COOLA body spray and has never disappointed. Still enough protection not to get burned, but enough to get that sun kissed, tan look.

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