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A South African Wine Country Course

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In two months this is what I’ll be looking at for five straight days following our Botswana Safari and a few nights in Cape Town (where my husband is making me cage dive with Great White Sharks…more on that later). A five day trip driving ourselves through the wine region of South Africa seems like the perfect end cap to our African adventure. It has taken me quite a bit of time to research, select and reserve the below hotels but I know we will not be disappointed and I already stand behind suggesting this trip to anyone heading to South Africa.

The wine region begins only an hour’s drive outside of Cape Town. We’ll be doing a 5 day loop drive. Leaving from Cape Town and making stops in Wellington, Robertson, Franschhoek (2 days) and Stellenbosch then back to Cape Town for our journey home. Below are the amazing hotels and wineries we’ll be staying at in between our numerous (and I mean numerous) wine tours and tastings. Luckily there are wine trollies and bike paths throughout the vineyards for safe travel.

Traveler’s Note: Find a boutique hotel if possible wherever you’re headed. Traveling is about discovery, steer clear of the chains and names you know. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much more personalized your stay will be and how much more authentic the experience.

Wellington, The Grand Dédale

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Robertson, The Robertson Small Hotel

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Franschhoek, The Last Word

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Stellenbosch, Lanzerac Wine Estate

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