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Destination Daydreaming: Bring Me to Burgundy

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The weekend is just around the corner and I’m really looking forward to some rest and relaxation. I wouldn’t mind if that R&R were to occur in Burgundy with a stay at the Château de Bagnols, a 15th century castle not far from Lyon. Sitting back, sipping fine wines, indulging in the French cuisine while touring the region could do me some good right about now. Looks like I’ll have to settle for a glass of chablis or chardonnay from Burgundy tonight instead. Cheers. A votre santé.

Bagnols2 Bagnols1 Renaissance_595 Elegant-Apartment-Claude-Camus Appartement-Paradis-5-Salle-bains OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ceb893fc8dcf6c428a7c377d8489f614 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 84b78de67f7a1284dce670a17ef62880 5aec37824d6d92fb34d941ed06ccb61f c4e778feb2832b538e7b8eb39e2b6197 aec9ec6e6416b0abfcf6e800b1779054 110179d52c986848daa3f5f85d5e5397 6d695abe7e9435741ae50a10694b52a0 f6c6fd8f83b239694f9b642b41708146 45cc1097d16a32f36d11f237c457b240 50b3eeba5eb3f962592fca73606abaf4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 3fafcea3de5b82e14d1fd05f0e32b2b0 27a606afd7e70d448555434566c5d18d 1ae22cfa77a0af2152dbb98fe9830186 a5eeb13dc20fcc425852119640f8c45e

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