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Your Own NYC Townhouse For $281 a Night

AirBnB apartment boroughs Chelsea condo getaway hotel LA loft London Los Angeles New York New York City NY NYC OneFineStay Paris private townhouse Travel where to stay, for me, is one of the best things to happen in NYC (or at least for someone who used to call it home). I love returning to visit friends or for work whenever I get the chance. Luckily, I have wonderful friends who often open their doors to this now out-of-towner, but I certainly never want to wear out my welcome. Enter OneFineStay. Not only can you rent your own apartment, condo, loft or even townhouse, you can rent some of the more coveted properties in the city in the best locations for the cost of a not so great NY hotel.

Take this gem for example. A townhouse in Chelsea can be yours from approximately $281 (per bedroom) a night. The total cost is $1,125 a  night but it sleeps 5 – 8 people. There are 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a killer kitchen, room with pool table, drums and piano, rooftop patio, backyard patio, various living rooms…need I say more? Grab some friends and plan a weekend away. The options are endless all over the city. Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.01.38 PM

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Some might ask how OneFineStay differs from AirBnB. I’ve personally booked stays via AirBnb for ski trips, European getaways and beach houses. They have been great places, but the amount of research and time it took to track down those specific properties in comparison to OneFineStay is night and day. There isn’t one property I’ve seen on OneFineStay that I wouldn’t be more than happy to stay in and that is because of the standards they set. As you scroll from page to page there is nothing but beautiful property after beautiful property to call home base while you’re away.

OneFineStay says they are the “pioneers of handmade hospitality”. On their travels they’ve learned that the finest homes are made with love and labor, crafted and cared for by their owners. They seek out those homes, so renters can experience them. Their attention to detail unwavering, they actually visit hundreds each week looking for space, character and comfort– a friendly face to meet you, beds made with pristine sheets, the towels and toiletries taken care of to their exacting standards.

We’re already planning a weekend getaway to NYC and hunting for our own place to stay, hopefully a larger place where friends can join us for a bit of a reunion. After that trip I’d like to plan a stay in one of their other properties in LA, Paris or London which are the cities OneFineStay currently caters to. If you have any upcoming trips to any of these cities planned and you’re hunting for a place to stay I would suggest trying this site out. There really are options for different budgets, all of them full of fine tastes and comforts creating a truly fine stay.

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