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Recalibrating at Cal-a-Vie

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This year’s 4th of July weekend completely threw me off of my health kick and I’ve found myself struggling a bit to get back into my rhythm. Early mornings at the gym were replaced by sleeping in from staying out too late; morning coffee and fresh fruit replaced by boozy brunches. It was a fun weekend celebrating with friends, but now that I’m no longer 21 those weekends take more of a toll on me. It’s not just the burgers, hot dogs and beers that can literally weigh on you. How you feel about yourself for slipping after putting in the time and energy prior to the partying weighs on you as well.

It’s times like today that have me wanting to head off to a health spa and really reset, serve myself to the professionals on a silver platter and tell them to do their worst- make me workout until I drop, feed me nothing but the healthiest options and then maybe allow for a massage to keep myself motivated. If work obligations weren’t looming, my upcoming vacation weren’t approaching and I had pinched my pennies a bit more for this type of purchase I’d be booking a stay at Cal-a-Vie in Vista, California.                               Poolhouse1

Shortly after arriving at the resort you are met by scheduling staff to create your ideal program. There are 100+ exercise classes to choose from as well as 20 mind-body-spirit classes offered among the resorts serene settings. Appointments with the in-house nutritionist are arranged which help to further personalize your stay. The fully staffed spa offers dozens of treatments from facials and massages to hydrotherapies and salon services. A sample single day itinerary from the resort is below.Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 12.36.36 PM

Cal-a-Vie has been receiving accolades and awards continuously over the past 5 years and it’s not hard to see why. In the past year alone the health resort has received such titles as the #2 spa in the world as well as the #13 spot for the best hotels in the world as voted by Condé Nast Traveler.

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I’m working on recalibrating my routine and will be back to myself in no time, but it certainly would be easier with the help of the expert staff at Cal-a-Vie. I think I foresee a girls’ weekend in the not too far off future. Vacations that take your health into account are the best to help you reset and reevaluate, reduce stress and find balance. Life can be beyond hectic but keeping your health as a top priority should never falter. Should you find yourself with the time, desire and a little extra money to spare I would suggest a stay at Cal-a-Vie. You’ll be very glad you took the advice.

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