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A Slice of Southern Charm: South Carolina

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With all of the havoc Joaquin has wreaked in South Carolina I thought it fitting to focus on time I’ve spent there in the past and the weekend getaway we’re hoping to take in the spring. I know from personal acquaintances living in Charleston the damage that the storm has done and they are just a few of the Carolinians trying to cope. My thoughts go out to everyone affected and I hope that things return to normal as quickly as possible. (photo source)

I grew up going to Hilton Head Island every April as a child during school spring break, another area of South Carolina that received quite a hit from the hurricane. Every year we stayed at The Sea Pines Resort at the southern tip of the island. Each morning we would go and dig for sand dollars along the shoreline while looking for dolphins jumping through the waves. Between our sand dollar treasure hunts and afternoons playing at the beach or pool it was tennis lesson time. The first time I ever picked up a racquet was on the courts of Sea Pines Resort and I couldn’t have been more than 5 years old. The first time I ever rode a horse was also at Sea Pines at their onsite stables. For several years I would return to ride my favorite horse, Professor Higgins. It was an idyllic place as a child. Now that I’m grown and working on my golf game I’m hoping to get back to Hilton Head to try out the links and experience what Hilton Head is most famous for.  (photos courtesy of Sea Pines Resort)

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In addition to Hilton Head I’ve also wanted to get to Charleston. For the past couple of years my husband and I have thrown out the idea of a long weekend getaway there. We still haven’t made the trip but it’s on our radar and I have my sights set on two boutique inns where we could stay as well as restaurants to wine and dine at.

My top choice for where to stay when we finally make our way to the southern city is Zero George. I came across the boutique inn when I was researching possible Easter weekend getaways last spring (note: all of my hotel choices in Charleston were booked solid over Easter weekend so if that is a possible travel weekend for you I would make reservations sooner than later). Zero George is a collection of 5 restored historic residential buildings within the Ansonborough district of the city. To me it looks to be the epitome of southern charm.

2013_Zero_George_05001-868x579 2013_Zero_George_07161-868x579 2013_Zero_George_0629-868x579 2013_Zero_George_07871-868x579 2013_Zero_George_0516-871x579 2013_Zero_George_07681-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0160-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0179-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0181-386x579 2013_Zero_George_0591-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0245-864x579 ZG-Anson-Suite-Web1-842x579 2012_Zero_George_02621-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0269-868x579 Parlor_Window_Zero_George-386x579 2013_Zero_George_07391-868x579 2012_Zero_George_0206-868x579 Zero-George_BOW4761-853x579 2012_Zero_George_0168-868x579 Scooter_Zero_George_Courtyard-386x579 2013_Zero_George_06951-868x579 2013_Zero_George_06991-868x579

A hotel with more of a modern twist is The Spectator just one block from the Historic Charleston City Market in the French Quarter neighborhood. The hotel offers some pretty great packages for two night stays and one that seems well worth considering is the The Charms of Charleston Package:

  • Helicopter tour with champagne, exploring the Charleston peninsula and surrounding area
  • Private horse drawn carriage tour through Charleston’s historic district
  • Charleston harbor sail on a chartered yacht
  • $100 gift certificate to High Cotton, SNOB, or the Old Village Post
  • Transportation to and from Charleston International Airport
  • Luxurious accommodations and valet parking for two nights at The Spectator Hotel

I would say that seems like a pretty great start to a romantic weekend retreat.

CTH1519_Spectator_Exterior_01-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Lobby_03_V2-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Bar_Night_02-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Grand_Suite_01-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_K3_5410-as-Smart-Object-1-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_K3_5434-as-Smart-Object-1-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Deluxe_Queen_313_04-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Grand_Suite_02-1440x937 CTH1519_Spectator_Deluxe_Suite_Terrace_01-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_K3_5297-as-Smart-Object-1-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_K3_5644-as-Smart-Object-1-1440x960 CTH1519_Spectator_Bar_Night_03_V2-1440x960

Three restaurants in Charleston that I’ve heard and read great things about are Brasserie Gigi, Peninsula Grill and Hank’s Seafood. It could be that I’m writing this post during lunchtime, but I can’t help but notice how utterly delectable each dish looks and the wonderful style and ambiance of each restaurant.

Brasserie Gigi:

BrasserieGigi_11website BrasserieGigi_22website BrasserieGigi_Gallery_1 BrasserieGigi_2website BrasserieGigi_Gallery_4 BrasserieGigi_12website BrasserieGigi_3website BrasserieGigi_5website BrasserieGigi_6website

Peninsula Grill:

croppedGallery_PeninsulaGrill_1 croppedGallery_Courtyard_2 PeninsulaGrill_Gallery_12 croppedGallery_PeninsulaGrill_7_1 gGrill_0008_9 croppedGallery_PeninsulaGrill_5 croppedGallery_PeninsulaGrill_3 PeninsulaGrill_GALLERY_13 croppedGallery_PeninsulaGrill_4

Hank’s Seafood Restaurant:

Hanks_10 Hanks_1 Hanks_8 Hanks_Gallery_4 Hanks_Gallery_5 copy Hanks_Gallery_7 Hanks_Gallery_11 Hanks_Gallery_3 Hanks_Gallery_1

It is already turning into a hectic fall and winter, but I know  the spring in the south would be beautiful. Perhaps we’ll try and get a trip to Hilton Head or Charleston scheduled soon so that we don’t have an issue with booking like last April. I know there are so many other things to see and do in the state. Luckily for us South Carolina isn’t too far from where we live so I know we might be able to get there a few times to explore more than we can handle in a single long weekend. “I do declare” that I’m looking forward to the southern hospitality, beautiful scenery and scrumptious meals.

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