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Art from the Oceans: Trash to Treasure

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I recently came across an article on Design Milk by Nanette Wong that showcases artwork by the company Studio Swine. Before even reading the article I was enamored with the pieces showcased in the image gallery- their colors, materials, textures, modernity, sophistication, delicacy and boldness. At first glance I thought that these items were encrusted with semi-precious stones, made of marble and malachite and solid 24 karat gold. My brain jumped to thinking about how I would love to adorn my home with one of these treasures…yet my reasoning urged that a “price upon request” was inevitable.

My amazement and wonder about how these specimens came to be soon overtook my previous focus of having one them to beautify my abode. Studio Swine set out on a 1,000 nautical mile trash collecting expedition- from the Azores to the Canaries -to sweep the seas for plastic refuse. With their plastic hauls they created the luxurious objects you see below.

NorthPacific-SWINE_Selfridges7630 NorthPacific-SWINE_Selfridges7688 NorthPacific-SWINE_Selfridges7666

North Pacific Gyre2015 
Sea plastic, green abalone shell, brass, rope, shackle

SouthAtlantic-1 SouthAtlantic-6 SouthAtlantic-SWINE_Selfridges7705 SouthAtlantic-7.5

South Atlantic Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, gold plated steel, brass, rope, sandblasted glass

IndianOcean-SWINE_Selfridges7735 IndianOcean-SWINE_Selfridges7741 IndianOcean-SWINE_Selfridges7760

Indian Ocean Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, mother of pearl, aluminium, steel, brass, rope

NorthAtlantic-SWINE_Selfridges7778-1 NorthAtlantic-SWINE_Selfridges7775

North Atlantic Gyre, 2015
Sea plastic, reclaimed mahogany, rope, brass

SouthPacific-SWINE_Selfridges7584 SouthPacific-SWINE_Selfridges7606

South Pacific Gyre, 2015 

Sea plastic, reclaimed hardwood, gold plated steel, brass, rope

The making of the artwork was done mainly on their ship. To aid in the process the crew traveled with a Solar Extruder that they created to melt and extrude the sea plastic with solar energy. Most importantly, Studio Swine is trying with their creations to bring attention the the major problem of pollution in our oceans. Visit their page to learn about Gyrecraft and watch the video to see more about their expedition and artistic process.


All photos courtesy of © Studio Swine

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